Smart Home Control Solutions

A control solution strives to make your life simpler. Through a unified user interface, control of the entire system is possible whether it is one room or a whole house. Many elements of a property can be integrated from audio visual entertainment to digital lighting, heating systems and blind control.

Navic provides a tailored service, working closely with you to automate many parts of your property. This allows the property to become semi self-sufficient by creating an intuitive set of responses based around your routine and lifestyle.

Digital Lighting

Lighting has always been a central part of our homes, we build our houses to make best use of available light. We use lighting to highlight the prominent features of our interior design. Most importantly; we benefit from lighting for a brighter, productive lifestyle at home. This is exactly why we want to create the best lighting experiences your property can offer. Using the most advanced digitally driven lighting technology, we can provide a multitude of scenes and atmospheres at the touch of a button, the swipe of a finger or even the wave of a hand.

Audio Visual Entertainment

Experience the latest AV solutions with Navic. Whether it’s a single room audio solution or a large scale centralised AV network Navic has you covered. Whatever your favourite music or video service we can create an efficient stream lined system that can be integrated into existing or new smart home systems. Every aspect of the system is linked to a central hub and can be controlled from anywhere in the house with just the push of a button, the swipe of a finger or a spoken command. Our systems allow media sources to be played simultaneously in different rooms, keeping everyone happy.

Structured and Fibre Optic Cabling

The faster the digital world develops the more our requirement for online content increases and as everyone knows, a fast, relievable internet connection is an integral part of any modern home. This connection requires a reliable internal digital network to support the integration of any and all Smart Devices. Navic can design and install all of your connectivity needs using the latest in high standards of Data and Fibre Optic Cabling. This will allow for immediate and longer-term network requirements to be satisfied and planned for with as many elements future proofed as possible.

Digital Entry and Security Solutions

From a simple doorbell to security cameras and fingerprint entry, our tailor made security systems can provide you and your family peace of mind. Security is a very important aspect of any property as it can provide users with an indication of what is happening at their property while they are away, while also saving footage of any events which can be reviewed locally or remotely.

Design and Consultancy

At Navic we take a top down approach to our design of any new Smart Home installation. Whether it’s a simple Media Room or whole Property automation, we endeavour to provide a bespoke solution, tailored to the client’s specific requirements. We will happily advise you how this can be achieved at any stage of a build or renovation.

We explore a client’s relationship and requirements with the connected devices and we offer varying levels of design and support. We provide hourly consultancy through to full Smart Home design and project management of the entire build. Navic Project Management is an ideal solution when a build is very technology focused or involving multi system integration. Every property has its own quirks and quibbles, we can conduct a Telecoms , AV and Network assessment; we can then advise on current capabilities and make recommendations for any future planned works.

Digitising the world, one property at a time